Personal Projects

Slowly Becoming a Rider

I had the privilege of going on a little trail ride with Micaela and a few of our friends last weekend. I think in the past 2 and 1/2 years of marriage, I've ridden a horse 5 or 6 times, for a grand total of 8 or 9 times in my life. 

Prior to hitting the trail, Micaela sent me out to "warmup" the horse and get familiar with her. I've watched a few her lessons and sat in on her working with a horse, so I just tried to apply what I had absorbed over the last few months. It was really enjoyable and I felt so confident that I was able to capture some moments while on horseback and on the trail.


Road Warriors - Nick and Bryan

Yesterday, I was riding what I thought was a long [er] journey from Pagosa Springs to Albuquerque by motorcycle. About 70 miles outside of Santa Fe, I stopped to take in some scenery and met two brothers, Nick and Bryan. They were from Toronto and had made the entire journey by bike.

CO to ABQ map

Nick said they weren't avid cyclists or "even that athletic," they just looked up the route and what they might need and decided to do it. They're plan is to make their way up through Denver, over to Seattle and then ride the coast all the way down to Southern California. They joked that they might even make the trip back to Florida to hang out with their Dad, but might ask for a ride back to the border from. Check out the sun tan. I'll have some film prints soon too.